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What are architraves?

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Architraves are the wood go around the door , and they are called facing in Scotland. In reality, architrave are just smaller skirting boards in terms of the height of the boards. People normally choose the same pattern for their skirting boards and architraves. The most common size of the architrave is 68mm height and 18mm thickness. If you can choose smaller architraves like 57mm or 44mm, but generally no less than 44mm. Some people have bigger doors so they choose bigger architraves, like 95mm or even 119mm, again generally speaking no bigger than 119mm.

Standard doors are around 2.1 metre high, and about 1.1 meter wide ( usually half the size of the height), so a 5.4 meter length architrave can cover one side of one door. If the material or profile you choose are not available in 5.4 meter length, the next few common sizes are 4.4 meters, 4.2 metres, 3 metres and 2.4 metres.

There are some larger doors than the standard ones. One of the most common one is called double doors. Double doors mean that the height of the door is roughly the same as the width of the door. You can see those doors in large houses or buildings like restaurant or hotel etc.

The industry refers one side of one door is one set, you need two sets to do both side of the doors. And it is always safer to get the skirting boards specialists to check over your metreage and make sure that you are not over or under ordering.

Although most people choose the same pattern for their skirting boards and architraves, it doesn’t mean this is the absolute rule. You can choose different patterns if that is part of your design. Some people like to match a very decorative architrave profiles with a lot of patterns with very simple skirting boards profile, or vice verse.

Another thing you need to think about is that some large profiles may not fit on a smaller size architrave, if you happen to choose a big skirting boards and want a matching profile.