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​I live in an old Victorian house with large, thick architraves. I need to replace some damaged ones, can you help replicate them?

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Yes we can certainly help replicate old designs for your Victorian architrave. We have thousands of different profiles available to choose from and have a bespoke tooling service available for new designs we have not come across before!

Our skirting board and architrave are available in moisture-resistant MDF in either 15mm, 18mm or 25mm thicknesses. If you need thicker, more detailed architrave we would recommend looking at a softwood skirting board or architrave such as pine which is typically available up to 38mm thick. Although it can be a bit pricey the style is certainly very unique and will look fantastic in your period property. We can also make recommendations on piecing together two profiles for your architrave if you are planning on completely redecorating and are looking for inspiration.

Some of our profiles are very complimentary to each other and can make for fascinating designs when pieced together as two separate boards, creating a large, period style design which was often the case in Victorian houses. If you like any designs and want to see how they match up then please contact the team who can provide a 3D sketch of how the architrave would look as a completed product.

No matter what the design we are always up to the challenge and will certainly always do everything we can to help.