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Pine Skirting Board

If you need pine, we can certainly provide it for you, just call us on 01543 889 329 for pricing on any profile, and almost any height. however;

Why do you want pine?

As a leading manufacturer we would always recommend using MDF for many reasons;

  • MDF is a much more stable material to work with than pine, and will not bend and warp around moisture the way softwoods do
  • If you're intending to paint your skirting boards, we always recommend you choose MDF instead of Pine. Pine is only our recommendation if you want the natural timber look, but you're on a tight budget.
  • MDF is actually CHEAPER to buy than pine due to growing restrictions on importing and processing softwoods
  • MDF is available in fixed lengths, wheras pine will usually be varied lengths which is less predictable for you to work with

  • MDF is available in 5.4m lengths to avoid the vast majority of your joints

Click here to browse our MDF products, or if you really want pine, please give us a call on 01543 889 329

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