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Skirting Profiles

Are you confused about the profiles available? Allow us to help you decide. We've categorized them somewhat to make your choice process easier, please take a look below, and click through to see further options.

Standard Skirting Board Profiles

These profiles are the **industry standard skirting profiles**, and if you're going for that default, professional refit look - you can't go wrong with these profiles.

Simple Skirting Board Profiles

Equally, if you're after a simple design these can look very minimal and still fill the job. You can still get a hardwood in a **simple skirting** and look exquisite.

Rebated Skirting Board Profiles

We can also rebate the back of the skirting to conceal wiring - just let us know!

Modern Skirting Board Profiles

Modern skirting is when you're going for something to stand out, maybe you have a play room, music room, or party room?

Stepped Skirting Board Profiles

Period Skirting Board Profiles

These profiles have been taken from various periods of house construction and become the standard from that era.

Architect inspired Skirting Board Profiles

We get specified on a number of projects by architects, interior designers and decorators. From these designs, we've had a range constructed that are slightly different from your average skirting profile.

Reeded Skirting Board Profiles

Regional Skirting Board Profiles

Need Easy-To-Clean Skirting Board Profiles?

If you're tired of dusting and **cleaning your skirting boards**, you may be interested in these profiles that we've decided are easier to keep clean! ;

Need Custom Profiles?

We can produce almost any profiles you choose to name / provide. Sometimes there will be charges for cutters, which will depend on the size of the profile generally, and perhaps how much you need to order. You can email us a photo, or even send us a piece of what you need matching so that we can do our best to get it right. You can request your custom skirting board here. Back To Top